Configuring the DHCP server and creating an address pool

Perform the following steps to configure the DHCP server. Before you can configure the various DHCP server options, you must create an address pool on your FastIron device.

  1. Enter global configuration mode by issuing the configure terminal command.
    device# configure terminal
  2. Enable the DHCP server.
    device(config)# ip dhcp-server enable
  3. Create a DHCP server address pool.
    device(config)# ip dhcp-server pool cabo
  4. Configure the DHCP server address pool.
    device(config-dhcp-cabo)# network
    device(config-dhcp-cabo)# domain-name
    device(config-dhcp-cabo)# dns-server
    device(config-dhcp-cabo)# netbios-name-server
    device(config-dhcp-cabo)# lease 0 0 5
  5. To disable DHCP, enter the no ip ip dhcp-server enable command.
    device(config)# no ip dhcp-server enable
  6. Use the clear ip dhcp-server binding command to delete a specific lease or all lease entries from the lease binding database.
    device(config)# clear ip dhcp-server binding *
    The asterisk used in the example above clears all the IP addresses.