Traditional stacking benefits

A stack is a group of devices that are connected so that they operate as a single chassis. Ruckus traditional stacking technology features include:

  • Management by a single IP address
  • Support for up to twelve units per stack on ICX 7250, ICX 7450, and ICX 7750 devices
  • Support for up to eight units per stack on FCX, ICX 6450, and ICX 6610 devices
  • Support for four units per stack on ICX 6430 devices
  • Flexible stacking ports
  • Linear and ring stack topology support
  • Secure-setup utility to make stack setup easy and secure
  • Active controller, standby controller, and member units in a stack
  • Active controller management of entire stack
  • Active controller download of software images to all stack units
  • Standby controller for stack redundancy
  • Active controller maintenance of information database for all stack units
  • Packet switching in hardware between ports on stack units
  • All protocols operate with traditional stacking in the same way as on a chassis system.